Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carrying out my GAME Plan

Last week I created a GAME plan and this week I am going to discuss the resources and information I will need in order to carry out this plan. My GAME plan consists of two different goals that I am working towards, in order to become more confident and proficient in integrating technology into my classroom instruction.

My first goal is to learn how to create more effective formative and summative assessments and use the data to inform my teaching. Some resources I will need include professional development classes on creating effective assessments, PD 360 videos on assessments (an online professional development program our school uses), colleagues who share their views and ideas on creating assessments, and scholarly research on creating effective assessments. I will also use released OAA test questions and questions from a program called LCAP, that was developed by our county's Educational Service Center. Due to the fact that Ohio has revised all of the academic content standards, we have begun creating new pacing guides in our building and have started working with our colleagues on creating our assessments for these new standards. I have also signed up to attend a training at the ESC on creating formative and summarize assessments. My next step will be to watch the PD 360 videos and search for articles on assessment creation.

My second goal is to become a leader of technology integration in my school district. My most useful resource for this goal will be my school's tech coordinator? I will also use my colleagues who are strong in technology integration. This Masters program has given me many different resources to use as well. So besides taking the first steps and enrolling in this Masters program, I also have signed up to be on a technology committee that was just developed at our school.

With these actions, I am on my way to gaining more confidence and proficiency in obtaining the goals of my GAME plan.

Crystal Moyer

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