Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Here are some questions about blogging that I would like to answer.

1. How might you use a blog in your classroom?
I actually read another colleague's post about how she plans on using a blog in her classroom and I really liked her idea. I would like to set up a classroom blog with information about my classroom. Here parents, students, and community members would be able to view my blog and see what is going on in my classroom. They will also be able to write comments on it as well. I would put up different types of information such as homework, pictures, school calendars and events, useful websites, and general information about my classroom. I think it is an excellent way for parents to stay up to date with what is going on in their child's life in my classroom.

2. What purpose would the blog serve?
Like I mentioned above, it would be used to display various types of information about my classroom and things that we are doing. Parents, students, and community members can view my blog and respond if they would like. It will help everyone keep up to date on what the students are learning in the classroom and it is an excellent way to communicate things to and with the parents of my students.

3. Is it a place for students to interact about content? Is it a showcase for their work? Or?
I would love to be able to set up my blog in order to both, allow the students to provide comments, ask questions, or interact with one another and to display their work. Along with providing tons of information to the students and parents. Along with providing numerous websites where students can practice their content skills or study for tests or just extend their learning of the content material.

4. How does using a blog enhance the lesson?
Well, the way I would be setting up my blog, it would enhance the lesson by creating more interest to the students and allow them to interact, practice, study, or extend the lesson. As we know, technology, when used correctly, really seems to spark students' interest and motivate them to learn. The become more engaged and are more willing to participate in the lesson.

5. What is your grade level and content area?
I teach fourth grade Social Studies

6. Why do you think that a blog is a good tool for the instructional context?
I think that blogging definitely is exciting to the students and engages them in the lesson. With a blog, they are able to participate and discuss how they feel about the lesson or content they are learning about. They interact with their peers, offer different ideas, and can just be creative writers. Sometimes students are nervous about speaking in front of their peers so blogging allows them to share their views without having to be uncomfortable about speaking in front of the class. However, I do feel very strongly about the fact that our students also need time to verbally communicate with one another as well. With some of these types of technologies, I am afraid our students are going to forget how to interact with one another face to face. That is why it is important to find a balance between the two.   


  1. Crystal-

    I like the idea of how you intend to use the blog as a classroom website and as a learning tool. It is essential to keep families and students posted about what is happening in the classroom. I think using a blog as essentially a website for information is a great and easy way to initially start using blogs in the classroom.

    How do you think you would specific extend this to specific learning? Would you keep it on the information blog or would you set up a different blog for learning purposes? I think if there is a section specifically for what is happening in the classroom where you have students showcase work or answer specific questions, this would give students an automatic audience of all of the parents and students who check to blog for assignments and logistical information. This could be a very potential power learning tool. Great ideas Crystal!

    -Jill Morris

  2. Using your blog as an informative is a great idea, Keeps students, parents, and other teachers up to date on what is going on in your classroom. Keeping everyone informed will be a preventative measure to questions we often get about what is the homework or where are you in your curriculum or what did we do last class.

    The students might not jump into blogging world as you have. Some ideas to spark their interest would be to ask a question about a required reading. You can have it be part of the homework or just to get the students involved.

    The some problems would be of course not every family has a computer or is on the internet. Thus keeping a back up plan is always essential.

  3. Hey Crystal!

    I love your ideas of how you plan to incorporate your blog as a learning tool in your classroom. It sounds like we have similar ideas of how we would want to use our blogs. :o)

    My challenge for you is how do you plan to monitor your blog with your 4th graders? I teach 1st graders and they are still pretty sweet and have parental support with internet at home. Your 4th graders most likely will be using a computer at home unsupervised and could post something not so nice on your blog. How would handle this/monitor blogging manners?

    Great job on your blog so far! :o)